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Bogor, Rainy City

Botanical garden
Botanical garden
Bogor is rainy city, this town is about 54 kilometers south of the Jakarta capital, and ideally situated. having a cool climate with an average temperature of 27° C. However, the average rainfall is high since it rains literally everyday round about four o'clock in the afternoon.

Bogor is recognized as a scientific centre, and has a number of well-known institutions including the General Agricultural Station, the Forestry Experimental Station, the Laboratory for Chemical Research, etc.

There are two senior grade Colleges in Bogor and a number of primary and secondary schools. Moreover, it is the location of Indonesia's most up-to-date hospital for mental disorders.

Bogor is also noted for its Botanical Gardens, which are said to be the largest in South East Asia. The gardens have an area of some 275 acres and include an attached herbarium, a zoo-logical museum, a library of scientific works and a laboratory. The city is connected to the Jakarta capital by bus or by electric train.

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