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Bandung batik

Abstract Batik Art
TEMPO, Jakarta - There is alway a hiden story and word behind a Batik. Yogyakarta & Solo batik for example, the two have deep philosophy meaning in its motifes.
It is the same with the Bandung abstract batik created by Tetet Cahyati Popo Iskandar. During the limited Tea Time Gathering with some national fashion mode media editors on Friday, July 5, at Dapur Sunda, Pondok Indah Mall 1, South Jakarta, the batik pioneer presents her collections to welcome Ramadhan and Eid al-Fitr.
Tetet, who has been working on batik art since 2007, admitted that her creation is different from any traditional batik art variant that exist in Indonesia. She chose to play with lines, planes and spaces, and mixture of colors on the silk, cotton and laces. Tetet brings out abstract motives on Bandung batik by releasing herself from the existing motives guidance. She paints the present human issues instead of creating batik motives like sidomukti and Kawung for her paintings. Every piece of her collection has a unique motives, patterns, or colors.
"Maybe it is because I started it as an artist, so the abstract motive on the batik is different from the general ones," said Tetet.
She explained that one of her collection named Cahaya Jiwa (Light of Soul) is inspired by her poem which has the same title as the collection's name. She created the poem in 2002.
"The bright colors mixed with original colors like blue, green, and red resulting in a different but beautiful view. I want to express the broad meaning of light to the society through batik," Tetet said. Meliorism and The Spirit of Growth are other titles of her poems that become an inspiration to create her batik collections.
"In life, there is an urge to keep growing and developing." Tetet said that for her, poetry and batik is two similar things. "Through poetry, I can express all my feelings, and each time, I paint it on the batik drawing art." Tetet paints colors and spaces on batik the same way she captures her heart feelings when writing a poem.
"I really hope that this batik will not end up only as a display. But, it will enrich Indonesian fashion mode, and the most important is to contribute our best works for batik art in our beloved country," she said.

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